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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Business AV Distribution

Learn the Ins and Outs of Commercial Audio Video Distribution

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Business AV Distribution

We work with a lot of different businesses throughout the Houston, Texas area, and one of the most popular types of commercial audio video technology that these companies want is AV distribution. If you’ve heard about AV distribution and want to learn more about how this technology can impact your bottom line, then read on for the answers to some of the most common questions about it.

Q: What is AV Distribution?

A: Audio Video Distribution is a method for centralizing all of your media and then sending it out to any speakers or displays throughout your home or business. Instead of having separate cable boxes, Blu-ray players, or other media devices hooked up to each video display in every room, you can stick to one rack system or closet of equipment that sends the audio or video information wherever you want.

Q: Why Should My Business Use It?

A: Businesses have a lot to gain from investing in an AV distribution system. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Cleaner Look: Skip the clutter of cords and equipment in favor of a video display that blends seamlessly into the environment.
  • Easier Management: The struggle of searching for the right remote to adjust the volume on the sound system or change the station on the television is a thing of the past. You can manage all of your audio video components at once or select an individual one with ease.
  • Lower Costs: Instead of having to purchase redundant equipment or services, you stick with just one. That saves money on both the initial device costs and recurring monthly fees for streaming or cable services.

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Q: How Do I Control the System?

A: Because all of the audio video components are connected, you can control it all at once using a central management device such as a tablet or smartphone. The system has an intuitive interface with each area of your business clearly labeled so that employees can make changes to displays and sound at the push of a button.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Add AV Distribution to My Business?

A: This one doesn’t have a clear-cut answer because it is dependent on so many different factors. A full commercial audio video setup for a live music venue will be very different from the installation process for a sports bar or conference room. Is it new construction or a retrofit? Are you incorporating existing devices or starting from scratch? Will the system encompass one room or an entire building? The answers to all these questions and more will be helpful in defining the scope and timeline for the project.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: By giving Brock Technology Group a call at (409) 832-0276 or filling out this questionnaire. We follow a proven process for developing, installing, and maintaining commercial technology systems that are the perfect fit for our customers’ needs. Contact us today to get started on a tailored solution for your business. 

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