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Top 8 Things You Can Control in a Smart Home

Explore the Possibilities for Smart Home Automation

Top 8 Things You Can Control in a Smart Home

If the idea of one day living in a smart home excites you, we have good news: you don’t have to wait for a time in the distant future. Smart home automation makes it possible for homeowners throughout Southeast Texas to enjoy the many benefits of technology in every area of their property. But what exactly does having a smart home entail? Below, we cover the eight most popular things to automate within your home.

1. Lights

Imagine being able to turn off every light in your home at the push of a single button. Or how about having the brightness in a room adjust to just the right level without you having to lift a finger? With lighting control, it’s easy. Smart lighting sensors can track the amount of natural and artificial light in a room and automatically keep that room at optimal brightness for comfort. And every light fixture is connected to a central management system, so if you want to turn a lamp on or dim the overhead light, it’s as simple as pulling up the app.

2. Window Treatments

The same technology that controls your lights can also be used to adjust window treatments. Command the blinds to close or the draperies to open halfway. These motorized shades can close automatically to keep your home from getting too hot in the summer or protect furniture and décor from damaging UV rays. And that annoying glare from the setting sun won’t ever stop you from relaxing on the couch—just use the remote or tablet to close the windows from where you sit.


3. Climate

There’s no need to leave the A/C blasting all day while you’re out running errands. Why not save on energy while also being greeted by a cool home? A smart thermostat makes it possible to adjust the temperature from wherever you are. Just pull up the app and select the ideal temperature. You can even set schedules for the future. The neatest feature of a smart thermostat is that it can actually learn your temperature preferences over time and then work automatically to keep the ideal climate in every area.

4. Security System

A standard security system simply can’t compare to one that’s connected to a smart home automation system. First, you get the benefit of being able to access your surveillance footage and security information from anywhere, so you always know if your home and loved ones are safe. Second, all the smart technology (lights, window shades, whole house audio, etc.) in your property can actually work together to keep you secure in the event of a break-in attempt.

5. Hidden Technology

If you want a home that will impress guests, consider adding hidden technology to your smart system. Press a button, and the cocktail cabinet will appear from behind a panel or the television will descend from the ceiling. You can hide electronics behind artwork or even have a television appear inside a mirror! This technology keeps your home looking sleek and uncluttered while also giving you full access to the devices when you want them.

6. Video

You can do more than just make a TV appear; you can turn the TV on and off, adjust the volume, or start playing the latest movie. You’re probably thinking “I can do that with a regular remote,” but here’s the cool part about smart home automation: you can control every video display using the same tablet, phone, or remote. Swap from watching a movie in the living room to watching it in the bedroom with ease—it’ll pick up at the exact same moment so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding that movie on Netflix and fast forwarding to the right moment.

7. Audio

The same goes for audio. With a whole house audio setup, we can place high-quality speakers throughout your property. Then, when you want to listen to music, just pick the area and your playlist from the central control system. You can play music in every area or set up specific audio zones so that every member of your family can enjoy their favorite music styles.

8. Pool/Spa

Check to see if the Jacuzzi is at the right temperature or turn on the jets from your phone. Adjust the pool lighting to be a fun color for an outdoor cocktail party or turn on water fountains in the backyard. Because all of these water features are easily accessible from your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to do more with them than simply set them on a timer.

Of course, the cool thing about smart home technology is how versatile it is, so you don’t have to stick with just the eight options listed above. Use your smart system to control your lawn irrigation or manage the right environment in an aquarium – whatever you want to make smarter around your home, we can try to make happen. 

Want to learn more about any of these technologies for your Southeast Texas home? Give us a call at (832) 680-0276 or fill out this quick contact form, and we’ll walk you through the options that fit your needs.

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